Live 04. May 2018 Dörphus Hörsten near Hamburg

Bo Heart & Friends, Kerstin Sund, Lothar Atwell und Tim-Ole Hoff appearing live at Dörphus Hörsten. Tickets15 €  More Info per Email: info -- ät --

Foto: Benjamin Hüllenkrämer @bigbasspics

Tour Dates

Bo Heart, Lothar Atwell und Johannes Wennrich mit Vicky Leandros

06.06.2018 19:30 Nürnberg Serenadenhof
07.06.2018 20:00 Erding Stadthalle
13.07.2018 19:00 Husum Schloss
08.08.2018 20:00 Sylt         CCS
18.08.2018 20:30 Rheydt Schloss

04.12.2018 20:00 Reepsholt St.-Mauritius-Kirche
05.12.2018 20:00 Oldenburg Versöhnungskirche
07.12.2018 20:00 Jena Stadtkirche St. Michael
11.12.2018 20:00 Emden Martin Luther-Kirche
13.12.2018 20:00 Schwerin Schelfkirche
14.12.2018 20:00 Westerstede St. Petri Kirche
18.12.2018 20:00 Hildesheim St. Andreas Kirche
19.12.2018 20:00 Magdeburg Johanniskirche

Tour Finish Klaus Lage

We had a great time on tour with Klaus Lage ending at Merzig. Time flies... feels like we just started.

New Bo Heart CD

Great News: We going to record a new CD in March! The last Bo Heart record was recorded in 1998. It is time for an update!

Foto: Benjamin Hüllenkrämer

Jam in Dewdney Blues Club

This is a shout out to my friends at the Duwdney Historic Pub. I took part in a great jam session with the great guys Jerry Adolphe and Dennis Marcenko. I hope to be back some time in the future. Great to play the blues with an Ukrainian Blues Man! Too bad I don't have any pictures or video to prove that I was actually there.

The Letter Live

Bo Heart with Cheech and Chong back in 1981

I have just discovered this clip of the original ad for the Cheech & Chong movie "Nice Dreams" on Youtube. I had been the composer and piano player of that session back in Calgary. Most of us never got payed for that gig.