Bo Heart

I've been on the road as professional musician for over 30 years. Some of the artists whom I got to play with went on to become stars, filling halls with audiences in the thousands. Others, equally talented, didn't quite make it. I've published two solo albums: In 1988, "Invitation" with WEA and in 1998 "In My Arms" with LamuR / Ariola. I'm happy about my career. I've been able to see a lot of the planet. For example, I've toured Latin America twice, have worked for 6 weeks at a time for Yamaha in Japan on musical content (auto-accompaniment), have been on tour with Klaus Lage, Vicky Leandros, Edo Zanki, Uwe Ochsenknecht and many more und have played in hotelbars, truckstops, in high-class and not-so-high-class bars, at weddings, birthdays, church services and garden parties. And it's not over by any means.

I've wandered into the charts with "4 your Soul". A vocal project with Edo Zanki, Cae Gauntt, Tommy Baldu, Xavier Naidoo and me. What wonderful work! Not one star, but four singers and a drummer sharing the spotlight. Did I mention that one of us was already rather famous? Xavier isn't part of "4 your Soul" anymore (and neither am I), but he's happy to share the stage with other talents like for example his Söhne Mannheims.

That's it! I invite friends, we get together, share the stage, production costs, administrivia and the spotlight. That makes for a win-win all around. All participants remain solo artists with their own interests, other bands and projects. We're not a fixed band, but more a platform. Whoever roughly shares my taste in music will always enjoy this platform.

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1985 Don't talk anymore (Single Intercord) Produced by Django Seelenmeyer
1988 Invitation (wea) Produced by Curt Cress
1998 In My Arms (LamuR/Ariola) Produced by Bo Heart

With 4 your Soul (Edo Zanki, Cae Gauntt, Xavier Naidoo, Tommy Baldu and Bo Heart)
2001 4 your Soul (EMI) Produced by Edo Zanki

With Klaus Lage
1992 Ein Lachen in Reserve (eastwest) Produced by Klaus Lage and Stewart Epps
1994 Katz und Maus (eastwest) Produced by Harald Kloser
1999 Klaus Lage & Bo Heart Live zu zweit (eastwest) Produced by Klaus Lage
2000 Mensch bleiben (eastwest) Produced by Klaus Lage and Peter Wölpl
2003 Die Welt ist schön (LamuR) Produced by by Klaus Lage, Peter Wölpl and Bo Heart
2007 Zug um Zug (EMI) Produced by Klaus Lage and Bo Heart
2008 Nah und Wichtig (EMI) Produced by Bo Heart

For Angelika Haak
2008 Engel, Hirten, 1000 Könige (Edition Hasenburg) Produced by Bo Heart

As Singer und Musician:
1985 Mein Tuut tuut... Leinemann (Metronom) (Bo and his sister Astrid as choir)
1994 Girlscrossing (Metronom) Uwe Ochsenknecht (Bo: add. keys and choir)
1995 10 von Edo Zanki (CBS) (Bo as band member)
1996 Harlem Voices (Polystar) (Bo as keyboard player and singer)
1998 Single If you believe von Sasha (Bo as choir singer)
2001 Halt von Heinz Rudolf Kunze (Bo as choir singer)
2006 Live DVD mit Vicky Leandros (Bo as piano player and singer)