Jürgen Scholz: Vocals & Guitars

Jürgen and I met years ago. Both of us were playing for the singer Floy. One day I wanted a singer/guitar player for a commercial gig with my band for a company in Münster. By commercial I mean, we play cover tunes for dancing, rather than our own songs. Jürgen was great and at the end of the evening he told me that he hadn't had that much fun playing in a long time. That may have been, because on "commercial" performances I play that music with the same attitude as if we had written it ourselves. We've been friends ever since that gig. He motivated me to start producing my own songs again, and I motivate him to please finally publish his great songs one of these days.

Klaus Lage had agreed to a tour in 2007, but Lothar and I were already booked during that time. So I suggested Jürgen to substitute for Lothar and Tobi Reiss as my double. That's how Jürgen arrived at Klaus Lage, at first without me and Lothar. Since late 2007 however, all of us play together with Klaus - he didn't want to do without Jürgen, nor me and Lothar. I'll explain on Tim's page how he joined.

Jürgen has been in the business for a long time as well. He played with the band of Jule Neigel, with the Cultured Pearls, with Udo Lindenberg, Regy Clasen, Orange Blue and many more. Since he (unlike myself) can read music, and is good anyways he frequently also plays with musical theater productions like the "ABBA Musical" in Hamburg or various musicals in Tecklenburg. From time to time he can also be admired as lead singer in Angie's Nightclub in Hamburg or the NDR2-on-Tour-Band. I can also recommend him as vocal coach!

At the moment he shuttles back and forth between London and Hamburg, writes and produces songs for his first solo album. I'm looking forward to it! I'll probably get to play along!

Foto: Pit Reher
Text: Bo Heart