Tim-Ole Hoff: Drums & Percussion

Tim is the youngster in the band. Jürgen introduced us. When I was working on some of my own songs, Tim recorded the drum tracks in a small stuffy practice room. You've got to imagine: A room barely large enough to hold the drum kit, where you need earplugs when you hit the drums. That's where Tim installed high quality microphones and recorded the tracks on is laptop. I love Tim's cool way of drumming. He's got killer groves and doesn't just hammer everything. He plays with emotion and power where it's needed.

 Rhythm is heartbeat and Tim is the heartbeat of BHAF. He motivates and pushes not only musically, but also on the periphery of our project. I just called him a youngster, but he's also a veteran, if you look at his CV. He's worked with Orange Blue, Lea Finn, Etta Scollo, Umberto Tozzi, Nils Gessinger and Dirk Busch. And he can sight read music (arrrgh****!) and does it well! He can also be enjoyed in the musical theatre productions of "Tarzan", "The Lion King", "Ich war...New York", "Mamma Mia" und many others.
Tim joined Klaus Lage together with Jürgen, when Lothar and I were already touring with someone else. The first, and hopefully last, tour by K.L. without Bo since 1991(!) was to be with Tobi Reiss on keys and vocals, Jürgen on guitar, bass and vocals and Tim on percussion. The tour was a total success! Nonetheless Lothar and I were welcomed back into the band, Tobi continues to play with Laith Al-Deen and that's why BHAF also play with Klaus Lage.

Foto: Pit Reher
Text: Bo