Bo Heart and Friends is not one Band but rather 3 bands in one. Bo, Lothar Atwell and Jürgen Scholz each have enough singer/songwriter in them to have a band each. The idea here is to join forces, share the spotlight and support each other. This power pack is completed by our wonderful drummer Tim-Ole Hoff. He is such a great and versatile drummer who plays songs and not just rhythms.

Lothars roots stem from Trinidad, Jürgen is a truly homegrown German with a Texan touch to his playing and Tim-Ole is a maritime wind tested and steady groove master. I am half Canadian at heart since I spent a very important  time of my life there. Se oser half ist Jerman, off  korß: Achtung!

I'd like to thank spinmeister of eMXR fame for his help translating these pages!!!